Local Partnerships

We conceptualise, develop, manage, and implement rule of law and justice projects with local partnership.

Resource Mobilisation

We mobilise resources based on an understanding of people’s legal, and justice needs to support justice solution initiatives, user-friendly innovations, and justice development projects.

Capacity Development

We design, plan and produce capacity development programs based on the capabilities approach and andragogy learning techniques.

Multidisciplinary Research

We conduct multi-disciplinary research studies based on empirical understanding of the needs, perceptions, and lived experiences of people, especially the marginalised and vulnerable.


We conduct impact evaluation, mid-term and end of project evaluation, sector-wide assessments, development sector mapping and stakeholder analysis.

Digital Tools

We develop integrated digital tools for legal services to be easily available and accessible for people to claim their rights and address justice challenges.

Technical Expertise

We provide technical expertise to facilitate coalition, network building and establishing community of practice groups in the justice sector space.


We Identify and invest in localisation processes in the justice sector by providing leadership, organisational development, project, and budget development trainings.

Capability building

We invest and build people’s capabilities to exercise influence on political, economic, legal, environment, and social processes.


We produce evidence-based law and policy development papers, studies and craft advocacy actions and campaigns.


We share the article by CLTC’s transitional justice expert and researcher, Ram Bhandari who reflects on his own life journey when his father disappeared during the Nepalese conflict never to be heard again. He echoes the demands of thousands of families who want the State to uphold the right to truth, which is autonomous, independent, inalienable and inherent to human dignity.

“Building a justice system is not a short-term exercise. To shift the punitive culture of our past requires commitment. Now is the most critical time to reinvest in justice so that we do not continue this culture into the next generation.” Meas Savath, Secretary-General, ADHOC, Cambodia.

Remembering the Ones We Lost (ROWL) is a people’s project on memory andhealing in South Sudan.

Cambodia, 3 February 2023 – Transformative change happens when we intentionally and purposefully create space for local experts to take the lead. …


Calling partners to support projects across the globe. Join us in bringing about transformative change.