From the Frontlines of Justice in Cambodia: Reflect, Rethink and Reinvest.

Centre for Law and Transformative Change (CLTC) invites you to be a part of the discussion and join with the leading voices of Cambodia’s civil society to strengthen Cambodia’s justice system.

 “Building a justice system is not a short-term exercise. To shift the punitive culture of our past requires commitment. Now is the most critical time to reinvest in justice so that we do not continue this culture into the next generation.” Meas Savath, Secretary-General, ADHOC, Cambodia.

 Together with our partners in Cambodia working on access to justice, we share our latest report ‘Shaping Stronger Pathways to Justice in Cambodia’ (May 2023). It presents the key findings and recommendations from our workshop series in Cambodia.

 The report offers seven case studies that provide us with a valuable opportunity to reflect and understand how external interventions have helped shape Cambodia’s justice landscape. Through careful analysis we have examined the interconnectedness of civil society, the critical role of localised leadership in transforming systems, the importance of collaboration, and ultimately the need to hand over power to those carrying the torch that keeps the rule of law alive.

The report opens space for a thought-provoking discussion and asks us to rethink how we invest in Cambodia to truly realise people-centered justice. It amplifies a call to action to reinvest in legal and judicial reform in Cambodia.

It highlights the importance of the interconnectedness of civil society, working with a shared commitment and local expertise to determine and guide internal country-specific priorities. Only through coordinated, locally driven programming can we truly realise people-centered justice and in turn, see a better return on the donor investment into justice.

 “I wish for a Cambodia where my colleagues can live and work without fear of persecution and arbitrary detention for promoting and protecting human rights” Sotha Ros, Executive Director, CHRAC.

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