Forging partnerships for transformative change

Cambodia, 3 February 2023 – Transformative change happens when we intentionally and purposefully create space for local experts to take the lead.

In collaboration with the College of Law, The Australian National University, CLTC provided a unique opportunity for civil society to come together to forge partnerships and challenge the international donor community to rethink their investment strategy in access to justice.   

“Local NGOs directly work with the community and understand their situation, this is a kind of an advocacy. We work on-the-ground and know the problem on the ground. But the international NGOs, they have a bigger voice” – Mr Run Saray, Executive Director, Legal Aid Cambodia 

CLTC is working on projects to amplify the voice of Cambodia’s law and justice reform stakeholders to become increasingly active participants to shape and influence Cambodian rule of law and justice space. CLTC is focused on building organisational and operational resilience, providing programmatic expertise and providing direct programmatic expertise. In doing this, CLTC seeks to tilt the balance of justice investments to favour people centric, needs-based justice programs until such time that a normative system can be wholly established. 

As Kate Flower observes, “If we put meaningful trust in Cambodia’s civil society, we will realise transformative change. But if we keep propping them up with short-term funding driven by external priorities, we will continue to fall short of building their resilience”.

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