Transformative Justice through People’s Power and Non-Violent Resistance

CLTC’S Transitional Justice Expert Ram Kumar Bhandari has been involved in the areas of transitional justice and has been steadfast in his efforts at tackling the problem of impunity for gross human rights violations for almost xx decades. Ram Kumar Bhandari was an integral part of the event organised by Solidarity 2020 and Beyond in Kathmandu, Nepal. Around 80 activists, community organisers, representatives, activists, and civil society leaders from 45 countries participated in the 5-day event which comprised of discussions, advocacy for collective action, and workshops. The participants pledged to use the power of people and non-violent resistance to demand transformative justice and released the “Kathmandu 2023 Declaration on People’s Resistance, Grassroots Activism, and Global Movements”.

CLTC’s work in transitional justice work stems from an acute understanding of the hopes and expectations of the people in countries and others with direct experiences as well as symbolic significance of the Transitional Justice mechanisms that are crucial towards establishment of rule of law and human rights.

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