Sparking inter-connectedness to advance rule of law

Authentic and transformative change will not be possible without strong partnerships and collaborations. This is central to Centre for Law and Transformative Change’s (CLTC) work. 

Closing the justice gap is not something that can be done in silos and we strive to learn from others. This week CLTC’s International Legal Expert, Kate Flower joined the World Justice Challenge Alumni Legal Aid Workshop to exchange experience with recognised leaders in the justice sector and to foster a sense of connectedness that is needed to support the rule of law. 

Organised and facilitated by the World Justice Project, Kate Flower, shared our observations on the challenges of access to justice in Cambodia. She shared the results of our experience working with civil society in Cambodia, and the crucial call for robust, long-term investments in the justice sector.

More pragmatic questions were discussed, as well. A senior leader from a prominent legal aid provider from East Africa shared some of the questions they have when implementing legal aid projects: “Legal aid or legal empowerment? Is it possible to choose between these two goals or are they complimentary?” 

The workshop brought together legal aid experts from around the world – working in countries from Afghanistan to Mexico and provided a platform to share successful experiences and collaborate on shared goals that will do more than improve legal aid processes that will transform justice outcomes. 

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