Unpacking people centred justice through survivor-centred lawyering.

“Gender affects our search for meaningful, justice outcomes. It shapes the pathways to justice we take with our clients. Gender shapes our day-to-day interactions with law enforcement agents and justice administrators. Understanding this and being aware of power imbalances prepares lawyers to confront systemic discrimination and inequality in courtrooms” observes CLTC Executive Director and Co-Founder, Miriam Chinnappa. 

CLTC is working throughout Asia and Africa to support women access the services they need and want. With people centred justice finally on the international agenda, CLTC is engaging with governments, bar associations, private sector actors, pro bono lawyers, and civil society organisations to change the narrative so that justice systems can better address the needs of women in line with OECD Framework and Good Practice Principles for People-Centred Justice. CLTC has supported the roll-out and comprehensive training for lawyers, paralegals, legal aid service providers on trauma-informed legal aid services to survivors of gender-based violence. This includes providing lawyers with the tools and resources they need to provide individualised, holistic support that allow women to safely navigate justice systems.

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